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    Introducing Tess-A-Penpal-Again

    A suite of patterns inspired by Marie's very first kit that started our community, reaching the hearts of all who love sending parcels of love in the post. Think of the taste of glue from licked stamps, the red enamel paint on postboxes, edges of envelopes poking into your palms...bringing a sense of anticipation and connectedness across the oceans, mountains...sometimes thousands of miles.

    ...aerogrammes, airmail envelopes, manila packets, bubble wrap swollen beneath your fingers. Watching as your regular postman walks up with quick purpose, and places the mail you've been waiting for into your postbox! Remember the early 90s when everything was pop art?

    When George Michael and the Spice Girls were playing on the radio - and your colour pencils were the most precious things in your schoolbag. Keeping them sharpened and tidy was the ultimate achievement. When you'd write carefully composed letters to your cousins across the country, and dream of times we could meet Janet Jackson... This is the original Tess-A-Penpal, growing up and learning about the world. This isn't clean cut, modern letter-writing... this is old school.


    Pencil marks are left in, fuzzy edges abound - the human hand is not absent from this kit, which draws from sketchy drawings on recycled envelopes and the rich pigments from wax colour pencils to bring forth the vibrant tones of riding on the school bus, and the pop vibes of yesteryear.


    This is a juxtaposition between clean structure and hand-drawn, imperfect, soulful work, and I hope you love it as much as I do.


    Tess-A-Penpal-Again, launched under my hand-drawn line, @tessatelier, is available printed and shipped to you via @thoughtfulcollective if you are in North America and via @relativeh (Relative History) if you are in the UK or Europe.


    For design inspiration, do visit @thoughtfulstudio, and you may join our cosy community at fb.com/groups/thoughtfully

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