Scrapbooking is a decorative way to present and preserve your documents, memories and photographs for the future generations of your family. 


A Piece of History

The principles of Scrapbooking began in the 15th Century with Commonplace books. These were compiled from information, quotations, letters and items of the owners personal interests. But it was not until the 19th Century that the UK became more involved with Scrapbooking, using printed materials and memorabilia to illustrate their lives. This popular Victorian pastime was greatly enhanced by the invention of the camera and photographs.


My Golden Rules to Scrapbooking

I have what I call a list of Golden Rules to Scrapbooking.  The first one is "There is no right or wrong way to scrapbook, it is, as it was and as it should remain the makers personal and unique creation". The way you present your book will be as special to your future relatives as the information it contains.

 We can guide you through the principles, show you layout templates, supply you with the materials and give advice or help when you need it BUT developing your own style is important. If your eyes are now looking at the large boxes you have filled with photos and papers, then perhaps you are starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect of the task ahead, please DO NOT WORRY you have already done the really hard work, now you can start to bring your ancestors and their stories to life! 

We will be starting workshops soon and there we hope to provide a higher level of support for those who would like to learn more about techniques.


There are many types and sizes of scrapbook you can use to display your information and this will be down to your personal choice.  However we would recommend that you choose one of the larger formats, as family history information can grow and you will probably need the space! The larger sizes are A4, A3, and 12"x 12" (which is the most common scrapbook size). The albums are available in Ring Binder, Post Bound and Disc Bound formats. 

Ring binder, Post Bound Album and Disc Bound Album.

We suggest you start with a subject/theme/person you know well or have collected a good amount of information about. Each page in your scrapbook should tell a story about the person or event, so think about what story you want to tell. Then decide whether this can be told on a single page or if you will need a double page spread.



Time for the Second Golden Rule. When trying to tell your story think of the basic "WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY......" You will probably develop more questions as you gain experience but this is a good place to start.

Third Golden Rule. when you journal on your page remember to use your name instead of me, myself and I, this will help future generations identify you and your place on the family tree.

Fourth Golden rule. To help preserve your photos, all the papers and materials you use should be acid-free and lignin free (all our products are).

You may have 30 photos which are associated with this story but you will not need to use all of them so decide if you will use One main photo or three or four images etc. The unused photos can be placed in a photo album, a storage envelope in your album or filed in a preservation photo box. The papers you use to place your information and mat (how you frame) your photographs should compliment each other. If this proves difficult I would recommend using black or white card to mat your photographs as these tend to work well with all backgrounds We supply a range of papers which you may find helpful. We also have special themed papers which can provide appropriate images to support your story if you do not have a photo of your relative etc


Fifth Golden Rule. Choose photographs with a common theme which are relevant to the story. Always mat your photographs with a coloured paper which compliments both your photograph and the background paper you have chosen.


Sixth Golden Rule. If you do not have photographs to support your story then choose a themed background paper which helps to do this.

Arrange your matted photographs, journal notes, and embellishments on your background to decide upon your layout before you fix them to the paper. We can supply you with the appropriate archive safe glue, tape and photo corners.  There are many products available today which help with page layout, the most recognised one is "Project Life".  This archive safe multi pocket display file comes in many different formats and can be purchased from our web Online shop.


Congratulations you have completed your first Page!


Basic Scrapbooking Supplies

In addition to those items mentioned above you may find these additional items to be of use. (these are also available from our online shop)

Scissors or Paper Trimmer

A black Journal Pen (describe why a journal pen???)

Happy Scrapbooking -